Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Our By Invitation subject this month is ' Connections ". The subject stumped me a bit for a while .....

But then I thought of the connections we make with people  that we come across throughout our life. Blindingly obvious, I know, but something we all do in various ways. What makes us connect to some and not others ? Obviously to have things in common, but, for me, a sense of humour is paramount. When I was 11, I started Senior School and met Lesley. We were in the same class .....

Here we are, aged about 15, on holiday in Cornwall ..... I remember one evening, we went out and met some guys, got in their car { yes, got in their car !!! } only to be turfed out in the middle of nowhere !!! Where was Ross Poldark when we needed him ?!!

We are about 16 here ..... we were always going in the photo booth ..... no mobile phones to do selfies then !!! Before mobile phones and the art of texting, Lesley and I had been known to talk on the phone for six hours !!!!! Yes, six hours ..... we could have flown to New York in that time !!! Texting has really saved us a lot of money on our phone bills !!

..... and, here we are last weekend, 55 years later, on a weekend trip to London at the Charles Dickens Museum ...... you could dress up like Victorians so Lesley wore the bonnet and I look pretty silly in a chimney sweeps cap and Victorian glasses. I look more like Bob Dylan or John Lennon than a Victorian chimney sweep !!!

..... mind you, not a lot has changed ..... me around 1966 !!!

Our connection has lasted for 55 years ..... we have laughed our way through those 55 years and, hopefully, we will share much more laughter together for many more years to come. 

What makes you connect with people ? Do you have a long term connection with anyone ? Have you made a connection with many bloggers ?

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Monday, 23 October 2017


When darkness descends .....

... when the trick or treating is over and all good children are fast asleep in their beds ..... it's time for ghouls, ghosts, vampire bats, skeletons and plain old humans to revel insome frightful fun .....

Press PLAY ... go on, I DARE you !!! .....

Dress up .....

Dance .....

acquaint yourselves with the invited ..... .....

try to avoid the uninvited,

Eat .....

Drink .....

Suck on a neck or two ..... and generally have some Halloween ' fun ' !!!

But, don't forget to look behind you !!!!

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

By Invitation Only is back on Monday. Old readers of my blog { if there are any left !!! } will remember it well.

For those who haven't a clue what I'm talking about, By Invitation was a group of women from around the world who wrote on a given subject once a month. 

Our subject on Monday is Halloween or Welcoming the Autumn season  ... I suspect I shall be frivolous !!!

See you on Monday.



Sunday, 15 October 2017


On Friday evening, we went to see Hiromi { pianist } and Edmar Castaneda { harpist } at  Shoreditch Town Hall. It was now safe for me to go out in public and not frighten anyone !!!

Built in 1866, Grade 11 listed Shoreditch Town Hall is the epitome of Victorian vision. Designed to be the grandest Town Hall in London, it doesn't disappoint. From the imposing exterior to the council chambers with it's cove ceiling, stained glass and chandeliers. Up to the first floor you are met by the Assembly Rooms where Hiromi was playing. A stereotypical Victorian Music Hall complete with a stage and gilding of trumpets and violins, it was also the setting for the inquest into the last Jack the Ripper murder !!

Here is Hiromi at The Royal Albert Hall this year .....

..... and, this was my favourite piece , Moonlight, Sunshine, a piece she wrote in 2011 after the big earthquake in Japan ...... this was the only video that I could find of it ..... someone in the audience must have filmed it so it's a bit wobbly !!!


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Sunday, 24 September 2017

NIK and SICK !!! .....

Look what I've done !!!

A precis of events :

Arrived at friend's house to stay overnight, went to a pub for dinner { one small glass of wine }, on to venue to see Nik Kershaw { brilliant }, took small glass of wine into auditorium, put it on the floor and kicked it over !!, back to friend's house, stayed up until 4.30 a.m. chatting { no wine, just coffee }, went to bed, woke at 7.30 a.m. needing the toilet, sat on toilet knowing I was going to be sick {have not been sick for years} ..... next thing I know, I'm laying in sick on the floor, knickers and leggings round my ankles !!! Had passed out, smashed my head on the adjoining wall which woke friend, friend had to break into the bathroom, she called ambulance !!! After all checks, the paramedics said I had had food poisoning ... result: black and blue face, painful neck and shoulders !!!

Thinking I'm looking a lot like Frankenstein's monster ..... you've got to laugh !!!



Wednesday, 6 September 2017


We've just had a wonderful weekend in the City of London as we went to a wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral ...... our second St. Paul's wedding !!! Our first, a few years ago, was my cousin's daughter ... my cousin has the OBE which entitles your children to marry there. This time it was our friend's daughter who was married at St. Paul's ..... if there was ever a wedding venue to symbolise London greatness, it would have to be St. Paul's Cathedral. There has been a church at this site since AD 604 .....

The ceremony is held at the east end of the crypt in the OBE chapel, also known as St Faith's Chapel ..... only the official photographer is allowed to take a few photographs ..... if you are seen taking photographs, you would be ejected from the building, forth with !!!

Me in my hat !!!

The reception was held at The Banking Hall, which overlooks The Bank of England. 

The Grade 11 listed building was designed in the 1930's and has a unique Art Deco charm.

This is me, jumping up and down and making a right fool of myself to Lulu's ' Shout ' ..... well, if you don't join in, you don't have any fun do you ?!!!

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Monday, 28 August 2017


We are very lucky to have acres and acres of lakes, the river and walks near us .....

There are large fields  and babbling brooks .....

..... and, many wood carvings along the way.

a slight deviation off of the main path takes you along water lily walk .....

and, after a few miles of lakes, locks and loveliness .....

one arrives at the White Water Centre that was the venue for the Olympics 2012.

You can sit and watch the British team and members of the public battle the rapids whilst drinking wine or coffee in the sunshine or enjoying a nice lunch. We've been walking here since it was first built, long before the Olympics ..... there was only a hole in the wall where you could get coffee then ..... it has grown a lot since those early days !!!

On the way back you can walk a different route along the river, past the barges and locks. 

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